TWD – week 4 – Irish Soda Bread

Hello again my baking pals across the world!  I was so excited to bake Irish Soda Bread for the first time–and on St. Patrick’s Day too!  This was hands down the easiest thing I’ve ever baked, of all time.  This should be the first recipe any new baker attempts!  Am I right?  Cookies and cupcakes are much harder, in my opinion.  This was so easy, in fact, that before I actually bit into a slice I was convinced it was going to be a disaster.  “The dough was too sticky!  There weren’t enough complicated steps!  What techniques did I even just use??”  But it was absolutely delightful. ..Something I had never tasted before.  I added a cup of dried currants to mine.

so sticky I was sure I had forgotten a cup of flour

I couldn’t even get the “X” to hold in the dough it was so soft

But then… ~~ahhhhhhhh!  Angels singing from the heavens above~~

It totally turned out.  It was so moist and tender.  I want to make it again right now and over and over forever.  It was so good.  Okay I’m being a bit crazy, but I was just so happy to try a brand new bread for me.  And I actually managed to make it the night before the 17th, so we ate it on St. Patrick’s Day eve.  Mine had definitely turned heavy, dense, and considerably harder by the next morning (even though I wrapped it in a cloth towel and Ziplock bag) like the recipe warned, so I’m glad we ate most of it right out of the oven.


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