TWD – week 2 – Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

Oops!  I somehow forgot to make a post for this week’s recipe!  Probably because I made it so far in advance, for Valentine’s Day (like so many of us did).  Honestly I didn’t realize this was considered the more difficult recipe until I read someone say it.  This was much more in my comfort zone than the bread.  Even though I’ve never made a dry dough like this where you rub it with your hand to make it magically come together on the counter, I felt quite at ease with the whole process.  And I’m glad I had to make this.. because I wouldn’t have chosen it myself.  All that stuff (including white chocolate, which I’m not a fan of) in the filling sounds like way too much to me.  But the mix-ins actually ended up being my favorite part.  Weird.

2 oz. each of white chocolate, almond biscotti, and milk chocolate chips

The tarts before baking…

and after.

After the allotted cooling time, the tart was all gooey and almost raw-tasting.  It was like a lava cake without the cake.  I didn’t like it at all and was really disappointed because I had stayed up really late to make these.  I think I finished at about 3 am?  I was over it.

But after a night in the fridge the tarts transformed into dense truffles studded with white chocolate and almond biscotti (my milk chocolate chips practically vanished).  They were about a million times better.  phew~  My family didn’t love them to death or anything though.  My mom ate a single bite, said it was too rich, and never tried them again.  I had to keep reminding people to eat them.  I liked them though.. and probably ended up eating more than anyone.

Anyways, this one was a lot of fun.  Till next time~

9 thoughts on “TWD – week 2 – Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

  1. Hey, better late than never. I did manage to post on the right day, but with the three-day weekend, my schedule was off and I almost missed it.
    Your tartletts look great. Like you, I perfered them the next day.

  2. Your tarts look great! I am sorry that they were not a huge hit, my husband thought they were a little too rich also, but I made up for it by eating two pieces!

  3. That’s too bad your family did not “love” them, cause they looks so delicious.
    I just love the picture of the Valentine table, adorable.

  4. Your post made me laugh..I really enjoyed it 🙂 I was so afraid of undercooking the eggs I added an additional 5 min of cooking time…turned out great….a little more like a brownie than lava cake. Love your pictures and your tart looks delicious 🙂

  5. Having never made a tart before, I was afraid it would be a difficult recipe (I’m a newbie baker). Truthfully, even for me it came out easy! Yay!

    I also cooked mine a little longer, and it came out wonderful!

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